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BBQ and salad services with a variety of options for everyone to enjoy. Fresh and delicious meals to please your friends and family.

For me, barbecuing is not only the cooking aspect but a deeper-rooted element of being connected to the open fire. The burning flames can sometimes attract people’s attention and impression before the steaks, prawns, or aubergine have even come close to the grill!

BBQ is traditionally performed over red hot coals giving an authentic flavour of the smoky wood, But if that is not an option, then gas BBQs are a great alternative.

Various salads add a touch to complete a service for everyone to enjoy.

Not only do my services provide a unique and tasty meal, but they also cater to any dietary restrictions or preferences. Whether vegetarian, gluten-free, or simply looking for healthier options, my menu offers something for everyone.

Think of Grilled Mediterranean vegetables, wild mushrooms(when in season), garlic prawn skewers, octopus with pimentos and aioli, organic lemon chicken and a dry-aged Rib eye steak.

Not to forget the more classic garnishes like potato salad, greek salad, tabbouleh and various dips like baba ganoush and dressing like chimichurri.

Impress your guests with my exceptional BBQ and salad services. Contact me today to book your next event and elevate your BBQ game.

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