Kitchen Consultant

Transform your kitchen into a well-oiled machine with the help of a professional kitchen consultant.
Menu creation and workflow optimization included

As a professional kitchen consultant, I understand the importance of a well-organized and efficient kitchen, both in a restaurant and private setting. That’s why I offer my services to help optimize the workflow in your kitchen, ensuring that every dish is prepared to perfection in a timely manner.

One of my specialities is menu creation. I can work with you to create a unique and delicious menu that will not only appeal to your customers’ tastebuds but also fits within your budget. I have a deep understanding of the culinary industry, and I can help you find the right providers to ensure that you are getting the best quality ingredients.

In addition to creating a menu and optimising workflow, I can also help you with kitchen equipment selection, kitchen layout and design, staff training, cost control and much more. With my help, you will be able to take your kitchen to the next level and improve the overall dining experience for your customers. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your restaurant or private kitchen needs, and let me show you how I can help you improve your kitchen.

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