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Treat your guests to a unique and delicious dining experience with my paella and tapas service.
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Paella could be considered to have ancient roots. It is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine and is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an authentic and delicious Spanish Lunch with friends and family in your garden or outside space.

Having had many years of experience with the Italian kitchen, I can see many commonalities between paella and its Italian relative, better known as “Risotto”.

Paella and Risotto are made of a few ingredients, like a good quality rice grain and a protein- or vegetable-based stock. Having those two key ingredients in common, The two dishes are a world away from each other. Whilst risotto requires continuous stirring in a heavy skillet pot, paella likes to be more or less untouched once the broth is added to the rice.

I could not decide whether I preferred Italian over the Spanish national rice dish. One personal thing I noticed and can share with you about serving each dish is that they reflect different cultures. The risotto has a small serving window; otherwise, the creamy flowing rice tends to set into a heavy substance. The time frame that the rice needs to be served is short and, for that reason, adds a bit more pressure to the pot, adding an element of drama when serving.

The Paella seems to have a larger serving window, making it more ‘tranquilo’.

My paella and tapas service is the perfect solution if you want a unique and delicious way to spend time with friends and family in your garden.

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