Pizza & Antipasti

Experience authentic Italian pizza and antipasti made with a personal and modern twist.

For many, pizza is associated with an economical supper on a Sunday or a simple slice of street food on the go. But I also like to rescue the performative element around preparing a pizza.

It’s not necessarily that everyone will be served their own pizza like in a restaurant, but more like cut into 2-3 bite-size slices and passed around on beautiful wooden boards to be enjoyed in an atmosphere that is not necessarily seated at the table.

Of course, to make the experience more variable, I offer a great selection of antipasti and salads to accompany the pizzas. Think of grilled marinated vegetables, Caprese salad, fresh local cheeses, roast meats, rosemary and sea salt flatbreads made in the stone ovens.

Then there is another topic which most will go uninterested, but I like to add to the story: gluten! After trying a gluten-free diet for six weeks, I can tell that it didn’t change much for me besides becoming more creative in the kitchen to try out alternative recipes, like pizza dough. After having several different recipes, I can now confidently give gluten-free pizzas as an option if required.

Treat yourself and your taste buds to the real deal with my traditional oven Italian pizzas and antipasti. You won’t regret it!

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